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Films include educationals, features, TV shows, home movies, and cartoons. There are many rare prints like old declassified military film,  Star Trek episodes, Lost in Space,  Barbarella in Cinemascope,  Rocky Horror Picture Show, Superman: The Movie, Superman TV episodes, commercials, home movies as old as the 1920’s, Wonder Woman episodes with Lynda Carter, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, films from an adult theater in Brooklyn that shut down in the 1970’s, and tons of TV and theatrical trailers.

There are educational films ranging from the 1940s–1970s and include topics such as VD, school bus safety, health, driver’s ed, seatbelt safety, drugs, hygiene, manners, bicycle safety, and much more.

Titles such as:

“Radioactive Fallout and Shelter: Surviving in a Nuclear War”
“Faces in Crashes”
“Be Courteous” from 1940
“Assessment of Suicide”
“Stranger than Sci-Fi”

These films feature James Brolin, Bill Cosby, Bill Bixby, Walter Cronkite, and others!

119 Mary Tyler Moore television series episodes, 230 educational films, features, shorts, cartoons, television, public service announcements, internal company movies, newsreels, shipping boxes, leader, and much more. Almost 600 films, tons of supplies, and projectors!

To enlarge any picture, click on the thumbnail, and on the next page, click on the picture to see a big version.  In most cases you will be able to read the names of the films with the large version.


To enlarge any picture, click on the thumbnail, and on the next page, click on the picture to see a big version.  In most cases you will be able to read the names of the films with the large version.

United States Navy Recruiting: The Chiefs   1
Don’t be a Sucker War Training   1
Surviving in Vietnam   1
230 x Educational Films 1940’s – 1970’s See pictures for titles   N/A
2 x 1940’s Dr. Pepper Internal films – Route Salesman   2
1940’s Anamatic Texaco (2 reels)   SOLD
Jack Clamp 1000′   1
Jack Clamp Industrial Ship Building   1
WWII Nightshift Newsreel – Women working   1
Small boxed reels: music, News Parades, etc.   12
1946 News Parade   1
Newsreel Fillers 1940’s – 50’s   1
Yanks Capture Guam 1944   1
Mac Arthur Reports 100′ 1951   1
Yanks Recapture Guam 100′   1
News Parade of 1944 100′   1
Football Parade of 1947 100′   1
Football Parade of 1952 100′   1
Football Parade of 1953 100′   1
1940’s Home Olympics (professional)   1
Duke University Football 1970’s (internal) 4 reels   4
Westworld 2 trailers   1
Space 1999 ALL 1st Season Trailers   1
Titanic SCOPE theatrical trailer   1
Dracula THEATRICAL trailer   SOLD
Grease TV spots   1
Feature TV spots   1
Star Trek I THEATRICAL trailer   SOLD
Phantasm THEATRICAL trailer   1
Chosen Survivors TV spot   1
A Stranger is Watching THEATRICAL trailer   1 SOLD, 1 LEFT
Back to the Future II and III THEATRICAL trailer   1
Rocky Horror Picture show THEATRICAL trailer   SOLD
Danger Mutt TV spot   1
Black Hole THEATRICAL spot   1
Star Wars THEATRICAL trailer   1
Large reel of commercials from 50’s – 70’s   1
1950’s ABC Promos   1
Public service ads 60’s – 80’s   SOLD
Marlboro Man commercial   1
1970’s TV Guide Spots   SOLD
Most Important Person 70’s Saturday Morning shorts 800′   1
ABC TV Special Feature on Seat Belt Safety   1
Grammar Rock Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla (Pronouns)   1
Grammar Rock   SOLD
Candid Camera film with Kids   1
1930’s Beach home movies   SOLD
1940’s Skiing home movies   1
Camp Onota 1948/Montana Point 1949   1
1930’s Wedding   SOLD
1920’s Honeymoon   SOLD
1930’s Beach (2 reels) – not the same as the other Beach reel   SOLD
11 x Assorted 1930’s home movies (See pictures)   SOLD
1920’s home movies   SOLD
1950’s home movies   1
1939 city, with twins   SOLD
1960’s home movies   1
1960’s battleship   1
1966 wedding   1
1950’s hospital   1
1950’s roadtrip   1
1930’s West Point, training horses, biplane take-offs   SOLD
Assorted 1940’s home movies (7 reels)   7
Assorted 1920’s – 1950’s (6 reels)   3 SOLD, 3 LEFT
1940’s Felix the Cat and the Negros   1
Mr. Magoo BBQ Magoo   1
Mr. Magoo Sloppy Jalopy   1
Mr. Magoo Grizzley Golfer   1
Mr. Magoo Misguided Missile   1
Andy Panda Mouse Trappers   1
Donald Duck 1942   1
Quacula Bungled Burglary   SOLD
Road Runner IB TECH Coyote Split THEATRICAL   1
Road Runner IB TECH Ready Set Zoom THEATRICAL (2 copies)   2
Batfink   1
Speed Racer   1 SOLD, 1 LEFT
Superman Cartoon   1
Mary Tyler Moore Show (119 episodes) see list   SOLD
Lost in Space “Rocket to Earth”   1
Superman #1 Superman on Earth (1952)   1
Superman Through the Time Barrier (1950’s)   1
Making of Star Wars (2 Reels)   SOLD
Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (1970’s) 4 EPISODES   SOLD
Star Trek TOS: Plato’s Stepchildren   1
Star Trek TOS: I, Mudd   1
Star Trek TOS: Tomorrow is Yesterday   1
Star Trek TOS: Miri   1
Star Trek TOS: Enterprise Incident   SOLD
Star Trek TOS: Balance of Terror   SOLD
Star Trek TOS: Squire of Gothos   SOLD
Star Trek TOS: Space Seed   SOLD
Star Trek TOS: Mudd’s Women   1
Holocaust TV Series (no sound)   1
M Squad Mugger Murder   SOLD
The Odd Couple TV Show                                         1
Raise the Titanic (2 reels)   1
Planet Earth Pilot (2 reels)   1
Breathless (reels 2 & 3 only)   1
Superman: The Movie   SOLD
The Singing Nun (3 reels)   1
The Toreadors (3 reels)   1
Unknown Haley Mills (?) – missing title   1
Serial (3 reels)   1
Chosen Survivors (2 reels)   1
Ghost Keeper (1980)   1
The Rocky Horror Picture Show   SOLD
Boy Alone   1
Burt Lancaster Getting Through   1
Schoolboy Father – Dana Plato, Rob Lowe   1
Animal Farm (Cartoon)   1
The Red Balloon   SOLD
Walt Disney: Incident at Hawk’s Hill   1
Twice Pardoned   1
The Haunted Trailer   1
Maid at the Motel   1
Jealous Loves & one other   1
Weird Binge & Hooker   1
Mr. Mustard Psychic Sex Control   SOLD
The Porno Lovers   1
Sexpert Voiceover Episodes   1
Platinum Virgin   1
4 others   4
1961 Special Delivery News Reel Peerless Film Processing Center 3cores and 1 reel   4
Soil Testing Training   1
Breastfeeding   1
Potluck random reel   1
What Happened to Tom in the Ladies Lockerroom   1
Desi Arnez Orchestra 1949   1
West Point Symbol of the Army 400′   1
1940’s Santa Claus Story   1
1960’s Heroin   SOLD
All in the Family Behind the Scenes   SOLD
3 Stooges   1
1960’s Machine Machine Operations (punchcards, typewriters)   1
1940’s Native Africa   1
1940’s How to Twirl a Baton   1
1960’s Supermarket   1
Rhapsody in Black   1
Scottish Rhapsody   1
1970’s experimental short   1
Box of leaders    
2000′ metal and plastic reels   20
400′   12
1200′   5
200′   1
Fiber boxes with straps   8
Plastic shipping boxes   8
Empty cans   12
6 rolls splicing tape leader   5 LEFT, 1 SOLD
2 rolls cleaning cloth tape   2
600′ shipping cans   1 LEFT, 60 SOLD

Contact: logan@16mmsale.com
Raleigh NC

No rights are given or implied, and films are for home use only. This is my private collection, but I have not viewed any of these films for 10+ years. If you ask me questions, I will try to describe them as accurately as I remember, but all sales are as-is with no warranties or guarantees about condition, and are final. List updated 8.27.20